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Saffire MixControl Patcher 1.0a

The Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 interface contains emulations of famous preamps. For legal reasons (presumably), Focusrite have chosen to use rather obscure names for these preamps in their Saffire MixControl software.

I decided I would rather see the more “aesthetic” proper names of the emulated preamps so I put together a small Python script to replace the names with ones of my own choosing:

Saffire MixControl (patched)

Aesthetic preamp names.

Figuring I might not be alone in this, I hereby present Naga Audio’s SMCPatcher-0.1a.tar.gz.

Please see the README for more information.

Hint: the real names for the emulations can be found in the Liquid Saffire 56 user guide, under “Pre-amp Emulation Select”.