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Investigations into repairing broken things.


Test equipment

Atten ADS1102CA

A Chinese 100MHz two-channel digital oscilloscope.

Gould OS-250

A 10MHz two-channel analog oscilloscope.

TES AF-1065

An Italian made tube signal generator for AM 140 kHz-45 MHz as well as FM 9,5-12 MHz and 85-110 MHz.

Tektronix TM506

A 6-slot mainframe containing the following modules:

  • DM501 – a digital multimeter with 4 ½ digits and 0.1% DC accuracy.
  • PS503A – dual 0-20V supplies providing up to 1A of current. A 0-5V supply also provides 1A.
  • FG503 – a function generator with low distortion sine, square, and triangle waveforms at frequencies from 1Hz to 3MHz. 0-20Vp-p.
  • DC503 – a 100MHz universal frequency counter with 7-digit LED readout.

15V Power Supply

A 0-15V 1.5A bench power supply.

Xeltek SuperPRO/Z

Universal 48-pin E(E)PROM programmer. Connects through parallel port.


Cheap 40-pin E(E)PROM programmer. Connects through USB port.

EPROM eraser

Cheap UV box with timer.

Uniden Bearcat UBC220XLT

Radio scanner.

Berry Trunk Test Set 314A

Test set for analog in-band telephone trunks.

Digilent Nexys™2

A Spartan-3E FPGA development board.