Commodore 64

Commodore 64 (first)

This is my oldest Commodore 64, from 1983, made in West Germany. Original “breadbox” form-factor.

C64 (1st) topC64 (1st) bottomC64 (1st) main boardC64 (1st) ceramic VIC-IIThe motherboard is the ASSY 250407 rev A, and it has an old ceramic 6569 R1 VIC-II chip, which is cool but less practical because the video quality is the worst. The SID chip is a 6581 R3, but unfortunately it’s completely dead. The machine is also flaky, the keyboard works so-so (which is partly a problem with the actual keyboard it appears), and if a serial cable for a floppy drive is attached, the machine stops responding to keyboard input completely. I plan on doing some restoration work on it later.

Commodore 64 (second)

My second Commodore 64, also from 1983, made in United Kingdom (Hong Kong!)

C64 (2nd) topC64 (2nd) bottomC64 (2nd) main boardC64 (2nd) patch 1C64 (2nd) patch 2Motherboard ASSY 250407, this one is completely flaky. Although it does boot to the BASIC screen, it only shows 860 bytes of RAM available, and as is evident above, someone has been trying to fix it but seems to have failed. On the plus side, the SID, a 6581 R2, works (filter not yet completely verified), and the keyboard works perfectly. I will maybe use this as a spare parts donor for the other C64, unless I decide to actually try to restore this one too.

Commodore 64c (third)

This is the revised form-factor C64 released in 1986. This was actually my very first computer ever, a gift from my parents when it was brand new! Originally I only had the lousy tape-drive, but later it was expanded with a 1581 3.5″ floppy drive, the Expert Cartridge, and finally a 1541-II clone Oceanic 5.4″ floppy drive. Although it has the new form-factor, it still uses the old main board, so this one has the 6581 R4 SID, not the later 8580 chip.

C64 (3rd) top C64 (3rd) bottom C64 (3rd) main boardStill works perfectly to this day!

Commodore 64g (fourth)

(Pictures coming soon…)

This is actually just the motherboard, ASSY 250469, of this last version of the Commodore 64. I bought this mainly because it has the 8580 R5 SID chip. The C64G is said to be an attempt of Commodore to get rid of all the leftover stock of C64 parts…

There’s a modern plexi glass enclosure available from Plexilaser shop.

Someone sold me their original old C64C case and a set of keyboard holders. The only thing missing now is the actual keyboard.

I also want to source some modern power supplies for the C64s because the original one is rumored to have a habit of killing the host C64 when the supply dies…


I have collected some SID chips beyond the above that were part of there respective computer. I have (somewhere!) two 6581R2 that I got as replacement for the broken R3 above. Currently I don’t actually know where the heck I put them, but I’m sure they are not lost (I hope…)

Then I have a 6581R4AR on the incoming, will update with exact markings after it arrives and I have tested it to make sure it’s fully functional.

Finally there is an actual synthesizer with real knobs and stuff, called Therapsid, that I just bought. It has a 6581R3 SID chip and more updates will come after I test it out more throughly!